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Commercial Surveillance
From a single camera and monitor to complex video surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras, and digital recorders, closed circuit television (CCTV) systems can provide security for a wide range of businesses. All business types small to corporate can provide a safer enviornment for their equipment and employees by using ATD surveillance Solutions.

Like an eye in the sky, keep an eye on productivity, potential thieves, and much more all from your computer.

A good CCTV system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. Specifically, CCTV can provide many benefits:
  • 1. Reduce shrinkage by catching shoplifters
  • 2. Deter potential thieves
  • 3. Monitor cash registers
  • 4. Record evidence to prevent bogus accident claims
  • 5. Identify visitors and employees
  • 6. Monitor hazardous work areas
  • 7. Increase security in and around business premises and parking lots
  • 8. Meet insurance requirements

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